Webflow design and development

Webflow designer and developer, based in the UK. Available for freelance projects.
Webflow Development
Web Design
Webflow Development
Web Design
Webflow Development
Web Design
Webflow Development
Web Design
Most of the sites I create are clean, professional landing pages and websites for startups and small businesses. These have involved custom design, development from a supplied design (Figma), and migration from WordPress. I’m comfortable with simple Webflow animation and effects, and use Client First framework.

Cost guide

These are starting prices for Webflow projects, where the technical scope and design detail are relatively standard.

Development only

Landing page
From £1,000+vat / $1,200
From £3,000+vat / $3,700

Design + development

Landing page
From £2,000+vat / $2,400
From £5,000+vat /  $6,200


£65+vat / $80
£480+vat /  $620
Landing page = 1x custom page. Website = 3-5x custom pages incl. CMS template.

Why Webflow?

Webflow is not only a good choice to build with, it's also a good choice for your website.

High design

Webflow enables the building of original and unique designs without relying on a template or framework.

Easy to update

Webflow's client-facing Editor tool cuts out the complicated, technical part of making edits yourself.

Secure & stable

Webflow runs on robust and secure hosting, provides free SSL certificates and requires no maintenance.

Fast to develop

Building in Webflow is faster and more efficient than custom coding, making it possible to launch much sooner.

Discuss a project

I currently have availability through Q4, 2022.