Landing page build

A development-only Webflow build from a Figma file, for a climate focussed LatAm startup.

Role & services

Webflow development


July 2022

Design challenge

Process & solution

Impact & learnings

Project notes

Working from a supplied Figma design file, I custom built this landing page in Webflow using the client-first framework.

One particular technical challenge was the positioning of the graphic elements exactly behind or next to certain letters in the headings. With responsive design text is fluid on web pages, making it hard to know where to position elements like this. In this case, the the solution was to make the headlines fixed SVG graphics instead of live text, so they didn't reflow at different sizes. This was only a suitable option because SEO was not a priority for the client.

See the live page at wirewatt.com

Mark provided a great service putting our Figma designs into Webflow. His service was high quality and very quick. We will definitely use his services again and continue to recommend him.