I’m an experienced and resourceful designer, with good technical knowledge. I originally started out in the 90s in graphic design, mostly working on brand communications, then adding web and digital.

My skills and interests have gravitated towards a current product focus, involving problem-solving, a user-centred approach to design, and building digital prototypes.

About me

Designer & developer

As a designer I’m really interested in how design and software can create value and impact for people. I’ve always been quite a generalist with a wide skillset and strong curiosity, which I see as an asset. My focus is on freelance product design services (UX & UI) and developing websites or prototypes. I enjoy doing this for entrepreneurs or businesses wanting to bring a first version of their ideas to life.

Creator & educator

Created and published Tiny Design Lessons in 2020 (ebook, 150+ sold)
Volunteer as Creator in Residence for the 100DaysOfNoCode Bootcamp (7 cohorts)
Participated in an Innovation Design Day at Experience Haus (September 2023)
Regularly build and launch my own side project products and experiments.

Core skills

Design Thinking

My main passion has always been design, and I really love taking a human-centred approach to solving problems. I'm able to work through parts or all of the design thinking process, from researching needs, building understanding, to creating potential solutions and demos.

Prototypes + MVPs

I really enjoy bringing ideas to life, especially as part of the design process. This can mean building design demos, prototypes and MVPs of new  ideas, and websites. Taming the complexity is something I thrive on, using a problem-solving and logistics approach. I help plan, design and execute solutions that work for actual users.

Brand + UI

Early stage startups often struggle with creating an impactful and enjoyable visual design to launch with, when they don't have designers on the founding team. With my background as a brand designer and a good understanding of UI, I help them get to a point of readiness.

A fantastic opportunity for us to see a real expert at work.
Matt – Sociability founder

Product design

Available for product, web and UX projects.

Webflow development

Available for projects and part-time support.

Prototype builds

Available for small projects and coaching.


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