UX design for an enterprise SaaS platform

Skills & Tools

Design Thinking
Workflow Design

Contract work on Track24’s AtlasNXT platform development, involving early-stage UX workflows, Design Thinking, rapid prototyping.

Design challenge


Due to confidentiality, I’m unable to show any visual detail of this project at the moment.
Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Role tasks and responsibilities include:

  • Defining user stories for MVP
  • Translating user stories into key user journeys
  • Generating wireframes and rapid prototypes
  • Design team workshops and work reviews

More details to come soon.

Process & solution

Impact & learnings


Let’s work together

  • Based in the UK & available for freelance projects or part-time
  • 30 years experience as a designer & creator
  • Multi-skilled in digital design, UX, prototypes & Webflow dev
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