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Brand Design

Lambda Function are a technology startup creating machining software for precision manufacturing. Their product helps machine shops increase productivity on CNC machines, through autonomous control and data gathering.

Design challenge

Planning an imminent launch of their v1.0 product, Lambda Function wanted to improve the design of their product design. The design was mostly unchanged from their MVP, and it was seen as a limitation for the next phase in their growth timeline.

Having limited expertise in design on their team, their founder wanted someone with the right skills to review and update their brand, marketing materials and their product UI and UX. The goal was to have something of a quality that was appropriate for a public launch and fundraising.


Process & solution

The way I approached this was to start with an audit of their materials, based on what they were hoping to achieve. This covered the brand, the website, the pitch deck and the app interface. I looked for opportunities and issues – things they could improve without big time or development needs.

With the brand this covered building consistency and focus on the colour scheme and typography, as well as defining a proper v1 logo and app icon. Similarly, the website and pitch decks needed clearer colours and typography. With these I also pointed out places to visually declutter, to improve message and focus.

The app interface needed a different approach, as it wasn’t a marketing or sales element. Although I applied the same colour and typography changes as elsewhere, this part was more of a UX and UI review. I mocked up different ways to simplify how the data was displayed at the top level, and at the same time I refined the UI detail, focussing on consistency and visual hierarchy.

Impact & learnings

Following the project, Lambda Function were able to more confidently launch their V1 and start fundraising.

I enjoy this kind of work, as you can immediately see tangible benefits of a few strategic design tweaks. The client can focus on what they do best (engineering and sales) whilst the visual and experience parts that bring the product together are improved too.

Lambda Function

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