Web app concept prototype build

Skills & Tools


Devotion is an app concept created by an entrepreneur, aiming to build a specialised matchmaking platform.

Design challenge


The founder had a concept roughly scoped out and had started to build in WordPress. He approached me initially for help with building out the technical WordPress setup.

The initial Wordpress setup work extended into developing workflows and the full prototype build. This was all done with a no-code approach, integrating various tools to form a workflow which could be used as the prototype. The tools include WordPress, Client Portal plugin, Typeform and Airtable.

Workflows were planned out from the client’s rough scope

Process & solution

Impact & learnings

Mark is a dream to work with. He built an amazing product from scratch based on my needs (even if they are unclear at first!), then took the time to clarify the moving parts. Not only extremely talented, but a great communicator and partner in your project.

Let’s work together

  • Based in the UK & available for freelance projects or part-time
  • 30 years experience as a designer & creator
  • Multi-skilled in digital design, UX, prototypes & Webflow dev
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