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Codemap is a startup talent platform for entrepreneurs to find top no-code/low-code & automation professionals.

The existing Codemap brand

Design challenge

Codemap commissioned me to update their brand, website and app UI in preparation for a V2 launch and major tech update. Their previous design iteration was only an interim for their successful V1 and fundraising.

The work is currently under wraps pending the launch, so can't be shown here. Below are images from the brand update, but not the UI and web design. Please get in touch for details.

Project notes

The project started with a UI audit

Process & solution

Mood boards were used to explore potential creative direction

Impact & learnings


Let’s work together

  • I’m based in the UK and available for freelance projects or part-time work
  • 25+ years experience as a designer and creator
  • Multi-skilled in digital design, UX, prototype building and Webflow development
Contact me at mark@bowleydesign.com or on socials listed below